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We have been successfully providing catering for schools in Warsaw for 19 years,

as evidenced by the constantly growing number of satisfied customers.

We are putting a lot of effort to ensure that our menu is varied, properly balanced in terms of energy and rich in nutritious ingredients.

We prepare our menu and the composition of individual dishes in consultation

with Dietitian Mrs. Maria Jagiełło.

We offer individual diets excluding such allergens as:

lactose, gluten, protein, eggs.

We have a permanent group of reliable suppliers, and our meals are prepared every morning to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

We prepare all our dishes ourselves.

All production takes place in accordance with the principles of HACCP, GHP and GMP in our kitchen registered and under the supervision of the State Inspection

Sanitary-Epidemiological (sanitary).

We also run school stores in which we offer healthy products and a wide range of our own products such as: fresh juices, sandwiches, salads, yogurts, cakes, and buns.



Zabawne dzieci

We provide a well-balanced menu with the help of dietitian, nutritionist technologist.

Mrs. MSc. Maria Jagiełło


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